Fetch Customer's saved vaults

Response Body

Parameter NameTypeLengthDescriptionM/O
pineTokenidentifierStringMax Length 36Unique non-guessable Guid sent during token provisioning API callM
last4DigitsStringMax Length 4The customer’s last 4 digits of payment card number, also known as the Primary Account Number (PAN)M
networkTypeStringMax Length 20Visa/MasterCard/RuPayM
cardExpiryStringMax Length 7Payment card expiry.
Format: MM/YYYY
panBINStringMax Length 6Card's bin 6 digitsM
issuer_nameStringCard's issuer name like HDFC Bank, ICICI etc.M
is_debit_cardtrue/falseCard is debit or credit typeM
issuerIdintegerFor internal use onlyM
cardMetaDataComplex typeA cardMetaData object structureO
backgroundColorStringMax length 20Card meta–Data BackgroundColorO
foregroundColorStringMax length 20Card meta–Data ForegroundColorO
labelColorStringMax length 20Card meta–Data Label ColorO
ImageHeightStringMax length 20Card Image content heightO
ImageWidthStringMax length 20Card Image content widthO
contentMimeTypeStringMax length 20Mime Content-Type of the asset
Ex image/png, image/jpeg
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