For Authorization use Basic Auth, where:

  • Username: Plural MerchantId
  • Password: Merchant Access token

Request Body

Parameter NameTypeDescription
merchantIdstringPlural MerchantId
planNamestringPlan name
planIdstringPlanId generated the time of plan creation
fromDatestringFilter by From Date
toDatestringFilter by To Date
amountintegerFilter by amount
amountRangestring (Enum)Filter by Amount Range EnumisMore/isLess/isEqual
frequencyintegerFrequency recurrance
frequencyTypestring (Enum)Filter by Frequency Type EnumDay/Week/Month/Year/Not Applicable
*sizeintegerNumber of plans in a single page
*pageintegerNumber of pages expected in result
sortstringSort the result by propertyfrequencyType, asc
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