Process Payment UPI INTENT

Use the below endpoint to Process Payment UPI Intent

Request Parameters:

Parameter NameTypeDescription
upi_optionstringDefault it will be UPI.
txn_mode *stringUser need to provide "INTENT" key word to perform the intent flow.
payment_modestringDefault it will be UPI.
navigation_modestringDefault it will be "SEAMLESS".

Request Body payload:

    "upi_data": {
        "upi_option": "UPI",
        "txn_mode": "INTENT"
    "txn_data": {
        "payment_mode": "UPI",
        "navigation_mode": "SEAMLESS"

Response Payload:

    "content": null,
    "payment_id": 1676890,
    "order_id": 75744,
    "amount_in_paise": 500,
    "timer_page_time_out_in_seconds": 180,
    "pg_upi_unique_request_id": null,
    "deep_link": "upi://pay?pa=setu1044442777674318986@kaypay&pn=Ravi%20Maurya&am=5.00&tr=1044442777674318986&tn=Payment%20for%207681067&cu=INR&mode=04",
    "short_link": "",
    "response_code": 1,
    "response_message": "Payment Successful!"
    "response_code": 11001,
    "response_message": "Sorry, your transaction has failed."

Response Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
contentstringHtml content to load the output data.
payment_idlongUnique payment id.
order_idlongUnique order id.
amount_in_paiselongAmount paid in paise.
timer_page_time_out_in_secondsintTimer for the page render.
pg_upi_unique_request_idstringUnique Request Id
deep_linkstringIntent link for andriod devices.
short_linkstringIntent link for IOS devices.
response_codestringResponse code.
response_messagestringShort message about code.

For UPI Intent, every 5 sec inquiry call is mandatory on timer page to get status update.

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