Token's payment processing(Plural/Non Plural token requester)

Request Body

Parameter NameFieldsTypeLengthDescription(M/O))
tokenize_card_dataComplex object type
tokenstringC- (Mandatory In case Merchant integrated token provisioning system other then Plural)
cryptogramstringC- (Mandatory In case Merchant integrated token provisioning system other then Plural)
expiration_monthstringExpiry month of Card. Like- 12, 08,01M
expiration_yearstringExpiry year of card. Like - 2024, 2025M
pine_token_identifierstringUnique non-guessable Guid by using unique key generation algorithm (OpenJDK8 - Java.util.UUID – version 1 based on timestamp – 36 characters)/
custom DB sequence Logic for each token reference.
C -( Mandatory In case Merchant integrated token provisioning via Plural only)
cvvstringCard verfication valueM
customer_dataComplex object typeO
mobile_nostring10 digits Customer mobile numberO
email_idstringCustomer email idO
country_codestringCountry code of Indian country- 91O
card_meta_dataComplex object typeO - This complex type parameter is optional

Response Body

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionM/O
contentstringHTML form received from card host which browser will be render to get OTP authencation viewYespayment_idlongPlural unique transaction idYesorder_idlongPlural order idM
payment_idlongUnique payment id.M
order_idlongUnique order id.M
amount_in_paiselongAmount paid in paise.M
response_codestringResponse code.M
response_messagestringShort message about code.M

Failure Response Body

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionM/O
response_codeintFailure case approriate response code like 6010,6020M
response_messagestringProper response message
Example- "Oops, something went wrong!"
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