FAQs and Troubleshooting

How do I configure Merchant Payment Return URL not configured in Dashboard?
Ans: Configure from Setting->General->Payment Return URL

How do I configure Payment Gateway on Console?
Ans: On Merchant Dashboard. Smart Routing --> Create Gateway

When is No Acquirer Found error thrown?
Ans: When no Payment Gateway is configured. Please configure a payment gateway by going to Smart Routing --> Create Gateway

How to add multiple merchant url on merchant dashboard?
Ans: Configure from Setting->General->Payment Return URL separated by comma(,)without any spaces.

How to add one or multiple Gateways in Dashboard?
Ans: Create Gateways-> Select gateway from dropdown->Configure gateway credentials->create

How to set Routing Scores for bin, issuer, card brand?
Ans: Create route->enter required details->create

How to set routing preference for gateways?
Ans: Gateway->ROUTES SCORES->Please specify the routing preference of gateways in a comma-separated manner

How to set custom priority logic?
Ans: Gateway->PRIORITY LOGICS->enable tom priority logic option

How to create user and role?
Ans: User->create user->fill required details->click create user button.

How to get plural credentials for transaction?
Ans : Go to Settings --> Credentials. You will find your MID, Secret Key and Access code

How to set webhook url on dashboard?
Ans: Go to Settings --> Webhooks --> Enter url --> Enable webhook events --> Update