As you start the integration with Plural Console, these are some pre-requisites which you should do.

Step 1 : Signup

Sign up on Plural Console Dashboard in test environment. Click on the below link:

Step 2 : Save Credentials

Take note of Merchant credentials: [Dashboard → Settings → Credentials]

  • MID
  • Access Code
  • Secret Key

Step 3 : Add Payment Return URL

Configure Payment Return URL (This is necessary step to get the payment response.): [Dashboard->Setting->General->Payment Return URL ]

Step 4 : Configure PG

Dashboard->Smart Routing->Create Gateway->Select Gateway->Configure Key_ID and Key_Secret


Test Credentials

You should get test credentials from the Payment gateways (such as RazorPay, PayU) which you intend to configure.
For Edge test PG:

  • MID :2415
  • Password : Access Code (4e919e33-e940-49a7-a2ba-ece896b9800a)
  • Secret Key : Secret Key (840917F43186472EB2261ABCDE5CA576).

Step 5 : Configure Payment Modes

Configure Payment Modes for the payment gateway you are configuring.

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