Order & Transaction Statuses

Order & Transaction status at each step

Please find below the statuses for a given order and payment transaction for each step of the transaction flow.

StepOrder StatusTransaction Status
When Order is createdORDER CREATEDNA
If Seamless flow - Consume Token From Order Creation and call Process Payment API
If Redirect flow - Hitting redirect URL
ORDER ATTEMPTEDTXN ATTEMPTED (No response from acquirer)
After successful OTP Verification (3DS)CHARGEDCAPTURED
If no response from AcquirerORDER ATTEMPTEDPENDING (Got response from Acquirer but no response after S2S Inquiry call for dual verification)
After successful full RefundREFUNDEDREFUNDED
Transaction was declined or failed due to any reason after Token consumptionFAILEDFAILURE/REJECTED
Inquiry made on a given order. For that order, a new transaction is created for the inquiry. The status for the new inquiry transaction will be QUERY_COMPLETEDOrder status can change basis the state received post inquiryTransaction status can change basis the state received post inquiry
When merchant initiates refund. For that order a new transaction is created for the refund. The status for the new refund transaction will be REFUND INITIATEDNo change in Order Status till successful refund.No change in parent Transaction Status till successful refund
For transaction marked is_reversalNA (doesn't impact order status)MARKED_FOR_AUTO_REFUND